Price for Landscape Lighting in Miami

Price for Landscape Lighting in Miami

It is true that landscape lighting is an integral part of all projects in any property because it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. In this regard, interested homeowners ask what the price for landscape lighting is, now and then. Meanwhile, it is not easy to quote a flat rate for all landscape lighting projects due to different features and requirements of each project. But the price for landscape lighting in Miami is determined by the factors explained below.

  1. The Purpose of the Landscape Lighting

Why you want lighting is the first factor that determines the price for landscape lighting in Miami. The purpose of the lighting will define the design of the lighting plan. For instance, if you just want the walkway from the driveway to the front door to be well-lit or you need a few lights for security purposes, the cost will not be as much as another homeowner who wants to accent the special aesthetic features of the building or improve the ambiance of the property’s extensive landscape or an outdoor living area.

  1. The Quality of the Chosen Products

This is another factor that greatly determines the price for landscape lighting in Miami. The available products for landscape lighting have their strengths and weaknesses and their varying cost implications. While LED or solar do-it-yourself kit can be bought around $100 in any store in Miami, the solar lights do not last long and LED DIY kit hardly lasts more than one year. But the professional high-quality LED outdoor lighting fixture cost between $125 and $450 per fixture depending on the type of fixture and construction materials (copper, brass, aluminium, and nickel) and will last at least 5 years to a lifetime. Besides, your choice between high-voltage lighting and low-voltage lighting products also has an impact on the cost, as high-voltage lighting cost more.

  1. The Installation Procedure

How your landscape lighting will be installed also determines the overall price for landscape lighting in Miami. Although you may choose DIY lighting kits to install yourself, high-voltage lighting must be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with the National Electrical Code and the Miami local codes such as burying the wire at least 18 inches deep, trenching, licensing, or inspections.

  1. Landscape Lighting Design

Requesting for the landscape lighting design to be done by a professional will add to the price for landscape lighting in Miami. Although most companies offer free project design, the cost of the time taken may be factored into the cost that will be charged for the project in the long run. Meanwhile, EOS Outdoor Lighting offers a free project design with professionals without hidden charges to the overall cost of installation at the end of the day.

To determine the price for landscape lighting in Miami, there is a need to request for a quotation from a reputable company that will take the above factors into consideration, cover the overheads, and make some profit. Taking the materials needed, market prices of materials, and labor into consideration, the price of small projects start from $1,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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