Commercial Lighting

Commercial Exterior Lighting Experts

The appearance of your commercial property contributes as much to your brand image as your logo.  In addition to enhancing the look and feel of your property there are additional benefits gained from safety and security enhancements from proper lighting.   EOS Outdoor Lighting provides expert design and advice to enhance guest experiences by designing, installing and maintaining outdoor illumination for exterior facades, entrances, common areas. We work with beautiful displays of highly-efficient LED lighting effects which will reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design.  Showcase your building’s architecture and landscape, provide safe passage for patrons and employees, and illuminate your signage with professional, commercial outdoor lighting. Let EOS Outdoor Lighting, a professional outdoor-lighting design firm in Miami Florida, provide you with expert design, the highest quality lighting to help you maintain and attract new customers in safe and welcoming environment.  We work with industry standard voltage and LEED products.

Professional Lighting to Bring out the Best in your Design. Commercial architects, landscape designers and builders frequently partner with us to ensure that their building or landscape design shines at night, too. Our outdoor lighting designers have extensive training in this specialty field. Using a collaborative approach, we creates visual destinations that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while meeting your design objectives.

High-Grade Outdoor Lighting Built to Last
We use only professional-grade lighting and electrical equipment built to withstand outdoor elements and continue working for years. We partner with only the finest equipment manufacturers. More and more products are energy efficient. Switching to an energy efficient technology such as LED can save up to 80 percent in electrical costs annually.