LED Garden Lighting in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

LED Garden Lighting in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

landscape lighting LED

landscape lighting LED

LED garden lighting is one of the most popular trends for South Florida, Miami, & Fort Lauderdale home owners & businesses. This type of outdoor lighting in South Florida focuses on lighting garden landscapes to bring out the best of your garden with the use of low voltage LED lights. Unlike other forms of lighting, LED garden lights offer a high amount of flexibility enabling them to be used in a large amount of landscape environments.

LED landscape lights are an eco-friendly option that uses less energy, has a longer lifespan, and is more efficient.  They produce no heat so they cannot catch fire or burn people, pets, or plants. They also require low voltage which makes them safer than other types of landscape lights. Overall they are safe, economical, and produce the most attractive lighting for lighting your garden in South Florida.




Top 5 Reasons for LED Garden Lighting in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, & South Florida

#1 – Flexibility

LED garden lights are highly flexible for use in garden lighting. They are very compact, come in a variety of fixtures and styles, and can be used in many different areas. Whether you’re looking to create a certain design style or completely hide the landscape lighting. LED garden lights offer the highest amount of flexibility to suit any project.

#2 – High Quality & Long Life

 Designed to last a lifetime LED landscape lights do not dim, fade, or burn out for many many years. This is a huge advantage over traditional lights which can suffer from those problems easily. Most LED garden lights are rated for tens of thousands of hours and are extremely reliable and durable to outside conditions.

#3 – Control the Brightness

With the right setup LED lights can be adjusted in brightness level. This gives you the ability to create the perfect mood for your nighttime garden lighting. Whether you want to create subtle, romantic, or bright display lights for events.

#4 – Extremely Safe

There is an inherent risk with using any electrical devices in all weather conditions. With high rain events that are common in South Florida any garden lighting system needs to be correctly installed to ensure safety. But with LED garden lighting the level of safety is greatly increased. LED garden lights are strong, durable, and designed in a way that even damaged are much safer than traditional lights.  When pets and people are around outdoor lighting system safety should always be placed in the highest regard.

#5 – Low-Cost

One of the best benefits of LED landscape lighting for your garden is the overall low-cost. Even though LED landscape lights cost more than a standard light fixture they last much longer and use significantly less energy.  The average saving is around 90% less energy than a traditional light. Over an entire landscape lighting system, this adds to a tremendous saving in electrifying over the years of enjoyment.  The combination of long life and low energy consumption means they are the lowest cost landscape lighting to have.


How to get LED Garden Lighting for your Home?

If you want to highlight your garden in the evening and create an elegant lighting landscape, then LED garden lighting is the solution. At EOS Outdoor Lighting we are experts in outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and garden lighting systems. We can help you create a garden landscape lighting design that captures the most important aspects of your garden and ensure an outdoor lighting system that is economical, long lasting, and visually appealing.

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