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EOS Outdoor Lighting provides expert design, lighting selection, installation and maintenance of lighting for small hotels and resorts and commercial properties in Florida.  With many years of experience with design and installation, we can help your boutique project.  From an overall design, we can help with a landscape and hardscape lighting plan for walkways, patios, facade, landscape enhancements and security.

A lighting plan will not only enhance the visual and overall ambiance for your patrons but it also supplies safety and security.  Today’s lighting options are affordable and cost very little to operate.   We can handle retrofit options as well.  EOS Outdoor Lighting is licensed, bonded and insured.  We are a professional design and installation firm that looks forward to providing you with a quote for our services.

We design lighting for delightful experiences

Hospitality Exterior Lighting

The exterior ambiance of your business is just as critical as the interiors. EOS Outdoor Lighting can create the ideal lighting to attain the look and frame of thoughts you want the client to experience upon getting into your public location. With varied types and custom solutions, your uniquity will shine through all night long. Read more about hospitality exterior lighting design and service by clicking the link.

Interior Room Lighting

You may want your customers to enter a room feeling at ease, awake, alive, relaxed, or excited. Irrespective of where you will be, typical room lighting is key to invoking those feelings. We offer a wide range of space illuminating options that should very easily integrate into any theme, color scheme, or atmosphere. Get the typical choices or set the standard with customized goods. Boost the emotions of anyone that walks into the room.

Open Space Lighting
Regardless of whether you’re looking for straightforward hanging lights above restaurant tables or intricate modern art lighting centerpieces within a hotel lobby, EOS Outdoor Lighting caters to a wide variety of open space lighting options. We give both modern day and more intimate settings so each consumer can find the right fit. Custom lighting is obtainable so you could generate unique lighting masterpieces that stand out and catch the attention your space deserves.
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