Lighting Design Services in Miami

Looking for lighting design services in Miami or Broward Counties? EOS Outdoor Lighting is more then just an outdoor lighting company in Miami. We provide our clients with both interior lighting design services and exterior lighting services. We deliver both creative and technical lighting design services with our over 25 years experience in lighting design. Specializing in hospitality lighting for exteriors and interiors, landscape lighting for residential, and lighting design services.

Why EOS for Lighting Design Services in Miami?

Our clientele enjoy the advantages of architectural lighting design and style services that reflect each the physical structures they occupy as well as the life style, values, and activities that happen inside these structures. We immerse our styles together with the path of our customers and enable to make the core attributes of an architectural project. By providing complete artistic and revolutionary specifics to bring forth the intention of any architectural creation.

Just about every undertaken project presents diverse challenges and they require particular focus, giving room for innovative and inventive design. Lighting design and style boils down towards the balance of art, science and business enterprise sensibility. It is determined by a designer’s capability to turn a possibility into reality. Lighting can be a breath of fresh air that breathes life into any space.

Interior Lighting Design Services:

Good lighting could make or break the ambiance of a room. Distinctive forms of space need to have a range of lighting: ambient or background lighting, task lighting for close-up function or accent lighting to highlight unique attributes. Professionally designed lighting can generally be an upgrade and create an ambiance that compliments interior design intent.

Facade Lighting Design Services:

Professional façade lighting is often a essential component on the external look of commercial architecture. Facade lighting highlights specific capabilities on the architecture and, if accomplished ideal, turns buildings into genuine landmarks. Integration of technologies which include dynamic colored LEDs, video walls, contour lighting enable make impressive effects giving buildings their very own character and make them an appealing addition for the cityscape, both day and night.

Landscape Lighting Design Services:

Excellent landscape lighting style is undertaken with all the consideration of a lot of various facets – beauty, functionality, security, security, energy efficiency and environment. Light application procedures are crucial to construct a balance and make dimension for the overall atmosphere with the buildings.

No matter who our client is, we commence every project with detailed lighting design plan, hand renderings, and systematical analysis of lighting specifications.

Our lighting design services consist of:

  • Lighting Control Technique Specification, Layout and Programming for home automation customers. This allows the homeowner one-touch manage of luminosity, energy on/off, and various lighting themes that set a variety of moods fro unique occasions.
  • Custom Lighting Styles that keynote particular structural attributes.
  • Custom On-Site Focusing and Aiming of Fixtures to obscure the fixtures themselves and make magical lighting effects around objects.
  • Photometric Calculations to create precise levels of luminosity and superior colour rendering in crucial places.
  • Power Code Assistance, Recommendations and Documentation to help lower energy consumption and make sure full regulatory compliance of all electrical and lighting systems inside a facility.
  • Analysis and Suggestions for existing lighting floor plans.

How to Get Started with our Miami Lighting Design Services?

EOS Outdoor Lighting Design’s services and solutions will bring a entire new degree of living and space enjoyment to clients in any both residential and commercial settings. Our goal is usually to enhance residences and buildings. This is done by filling landscapes and interiors with the appropriate amount and style of light.

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