Landscape Lighting Design Miami

Landscape Lighting Design Miami

The first step in getting landscape lighting for your home or business is to get a landscape lighting design.  The landscape lighting design will depend on how the outdoor space is to be used. If you wish to let your kids play soccer outside after dusk or you want to relax on the patio at night, all these will be factored into the lighting design for your landscape. Moreover, other factors have to be put into consideration when designing the landscape lighting for your outdoor space.

Factors to Consider for Landscape Lighting Design

  1. Purpose of the Lighting

The most important aspect of any design project is to clearly define the purposes. Commonly two reasons for an outdoor lighting project include illuminating the exterior to highlight beauty or add a level of security with the use of outdoor lighting. Multiple purposes can be achieved with the uses of the right elements. Example:

Lighting up the pathway will make it safe to walk at night as well as provide a gorgeous view of the landscaping after dark. The key is to know the purposes you want to achieve.

  1. Views from Indoors

Landscape lighting should be designed in a way to provide a beautiful scene from every window in the house. While at the same time ensuring light does not enter the property in an unnatural or unwanted way.  The lighting should also reveal the beauty of the landscaping when viewed from multiple angles and desired points indoors and out. This will give enjoyment for both indoor view and outdoor view.

  1. Focal Points

Select one or two elements in each area on the outdoor space to draw attention to using the light. Items like the patio, fountain, trees, and other outdoor décor are to be considered when designing the landscape lighting to create the best effect with the right combination of lights and angle.

  1. Sense of Depth

Using different types and color temperature of lights along the pathways, on the house, within the landscaped beds, and on the trees will create a feeling of depth in the landscape.

  1. Spotlighting versus Ambient Lighting

Spotlighting creates a strong attraction to a certain feature while ambient lighting gently lights up an entire area and creates an ambiance. These types of lighting should be considered and mixed to create a gorgeous effect with landscape lighting design.

Lighting Strategies for Landscape Lighting Design

The three major ways light can be aimed to achieve the best results are:

  1. Downlighting or Moonlighting:

    This strategy aims lights downward from a tree or a pole. It creates a moon-like lighting at night on the landscaping.

  2. Uplighting:

    Lights are aimed upwards into an element or onto an architectural feature to create bold shadows and strong effects using bright lights.

  3. Crosslighting:

    This strategy eliminates shadows by aiming lights on a focal point from both sides. It creates a special effect.

The Areas of Light

It is important to determine areas that require lighting on the outdoor space. While lighting improves the functionality of certain elements, it also adds to the beauty, safety, and

 security of the home.

Areas that require lighting include:

  1. Pathways – for beauty and safety
  2. Patios – to improve the usability of the space at night for the family
  3. Trees – for cross-lighting or uplighting to add to the landscaping beauty
  4. Driveways – not necessarily because the vehicles’ headlights will illuminate the driveway
  5. Architectural elements – certain unique features of the architectural design can be lit for a great effect

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